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Helix Preset Knob Sluggish


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I just bought a new Helix.  I notice that when I use the foot switches to change sounds it seems very responsive.  When I use the preset knob to scroll through, sometimes it hangs and doesn't do anything.  Of course when I turn it again it works.  It looks like it is either a problem with the knob or something internal.  I'm using the latest firmware.  Any ideas?

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I just bought a new Helix. <Snip> When I use the preset knob to scroll through, sometimes it hangs and doesn't do anything. Of course when I turn it again it works. It looks like it is either a problem with the knob or something internal. I'm using the latest firmware. Any ideas?

The best thing to do is submit a Support Ticket to formally bring it to Line 6's attention and to document the symptom on the record!


You are not likely to be the only one who has encountered such symptoms.


In mid-December w/ firmware 2.10 on a new Helix, I encountered similar symptoms while turning the Joystick Knob's rotary encoder to scroll through the Amp+Cab or Amp Block items in the Block List. Every once in a while it seems that the Helix Floor's on-board firmware would simply skip a beat and ignore one of the rotary encoder's pulses. Either that or the knob's encoder may be at fault. The result is that the emboldened (highlighted) item does not advance to the next item in the list. The very next turn of the knob does work! The intermittent nature of the problem makes it seem far more like a a firmware hickup or momentary processor is busy issue than a faulty encoder knob.


See: http://line6.com/support/topic/24561-amp-model-selection-skips-a-beat/


I submitted a Support Ticket with Line 6 to officially get the problem on the record. Line 6's response to the Support Ticket was that they were unaware of the problem and were unable to replicate the symptom.


At that time firmware 2.11 had just been released, and was soon followed by 2.12. Neither of those releases contained meaningful improvements for my use, and neither specifically mentioned any correction of this issue. I opted to forgo installing them in favor of a more significant firmware release. 2.20 is expected this month.


Although every firmware release includes a blanket general reference that overall stability improvements have been made (that are not otherwise specifically detailed nor itemized), as you mentioned that your Helix is running fw 2.12 and it is encountering this symptom, if it is a firmware issue, it has not been fixed!


Even if the symptom were not get fixed in the forthcoming 2.20 fw (now expected in March), the more Support Tickets Line 6 gets the more they'll know.


That same week, I also encountered another anomaly involving Joystick rotation and Amp model selection and reported it to Line 6 in mid-December. This one may have been corrected in fw 2.11, as a reply from another user suggests in the thread linked below. If you are encountering this also report it Line 6 on a separate Support Ticket. See: http://line6.com/support/topic/24499-joystick-rotation-model-selection-bug/

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If you click on the knob to get into the menu that shows you the list of setlists and presets, does it respond quickly when scrolling through those lists?


I'm sorry,  I just saw this response.  Sometimes it responds quickly and then there are times when it doesn't.  Sometimes it just seems like it won't move at all and then it takes off.  It's really inconsistent.


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I had a similar problem.... the black aluminum knob cover separated from the plastic knob proper....




If those parts separate, the knob cover will spin and seem like nothing is happening.


I just put a dab of silicone on the plastic part of the knob and pressed the knob cover back on.


I hope this helps





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