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UX2 recording vocals in a higher pitch

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I just got a Pod Studio UX2 and an AKG C214 large diaphragm condenser microphone. I went through the whole setup and got everything working, but when I tried recording some vocals the recording played back at a slightly higher pitch. Why is this happening and how can I make it stop?

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First suspicion would be a sample rate discrepancy between devices, one

them is not set at the same rate as the other. 


Is there an easy way to fix that? I don't really know much about it all myself, I'm just a singer.

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Possibly, however there are users that use Audacity with POD Studio successfully.


Audacity does not support ASIO out of the box due to Steinberg licensing. You can however compile it to include ASIO.


You might want to try Reaper, the demo is free. If you do, make sure to select the Line6 ASIO drivers.

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If Cubase is no longer on there, make sure it is complete un-installed and that

there are no remnants left. Computers get really confused about having two DAW's on the

same computer.


Used to see that with computers that had DP or Pro Tools, switched to Logic,

then back again, without fully un-installing Logic. It was lock-ups galore. But that was a couple years back.

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Alright, I figured it out, and its so stupid and simple. Let me explain:

What I was trying to do with my first test of the recording setup was make a comparison to my old Blue Snowball USB mic. So I was trying to record a sample with the Snowball, then record a sample with the audio interface setup. For some reason recording with the snowball first then switching to the UX2 was causing the pitch difference. I can record with the UX2 first, then the Snowball, no problem. Not sure what causes this, but I figured I'd explain the whole situation, just in case someone else happens upon a problem like this. 

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