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Microphone Tingles/Shocks

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Hi Guys,

My last 5 gigs I've been receiving shocks/tingle from my microphone every time my lips make contact, also my sound quality is unstable and thin, and volume has gone downhill, I assume it's a grounding issue or possibly a short to ground, either way its beyond me.  I have done a physical check of all mains plug earth cables which seem to be ok. All my equipment is plugged into a couple of multi extension cables which in turn goes into one mains wall socket.
I'm a one man band, Ketron Audya keyboard with mic plugged into it, from the keyboard line out L/R  jacks to stagesource Line 6 L3t &L3m active speakers. Quite a simple set up.

This same fault has happened in the past and then miraculously cured its self, so it's an ongoing problem that really must be sorted.

Anything you could recommend me checking would be appreciated?

Thank you in advance.


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The simple fact that your mic plugs into the keyboard first suggests it is likely your prime candidate.


Probably a stoopid question, but is there a phantom power option on your k/b and is it on? If it is on, does it need to be? If it isn't needed, can it be turned off and does the issue go away?


Another possibly stooped question, but does the issue seem more prevalent when you are wearing specific clothes? Just wondering if it is static and the source of the power is you!


Is the behaviour exhibited if you take your k/b out of the loop, ie plug only the mic into your L3/L2.


You could place an inline isolator into your mic>k/b chain and a DI box (with ground lift enabled) into the k/b>speaker chain which would physically isolate the three/four elements of your chain.

Must say though that given your chain mic > k/b > speakers, it seems unlikely that the ground issue (if that is what it is) originates from the speakers.



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