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No Bluetooth on fx100


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Purchased a used FX100 at substantial savings and this is my third day w/the unit.


Day one-

Download and install both Line6 Updater and usb driver- check

Update to ver 2.50.2. -check

Update again in update mode- check

Factory reset and pedal calibration- check

Test Bluetooth connectivity, positive response w/both Galaxy7 and Galaxy tablet(SM-T230NU)- Check

Test all factory presets- check

Test all functions including pedal, tuner, audio playback, editing, saving, and sharing patches to cloud- check


Day Two-

Jam for a few hours and have fun playing w/different settings- check

Connect unit to Windows10 PC and test connectivity to DAW(REAPER) w/positive response- check


Day Three-

Fire unit up and try to connect Bluetooth first to tablet and then to phone- FAIL

Test Bluetooth functionality w/both devices on BT speaker w/positive response- Check

Go to forum and post troubles- check


I'm at my wits end. Tried clearing all devices and restarting all components. Failed like 6 times.

Please, I need a solution, good people of the Line6 community.



edit hours later- This is the RECing I did using the fx100. But the only patch off the unit is the rhythm guitar(2D: Wind Cries Mary). The bass sounded horrible patching through an empty user bank so I had to connect my UX2 interface and used a Guitar Rig5 patch. The lead is run through a blank patch in the 100 and into GR5. I couldn't find a decent sounding preset for the lead. Woulda been nice to configure one of my own. I used a clean vibrato for the lead.


"Beach Party"

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Finally thought of a solution on my own. Did a factory reset and the Samsung tablet's Bluetooth recognized it immediately. I didn't bother w/the pedal calibration and it was cutting out really bad. I guess you have to calibrate after every reset. 

I was having a heck of a time trying to save some basic tones I built. I did manage to save a nice clean jazz to "My Tones" the first day. But I couldn't figure out how to save them today.

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Unit is working sweet. No issues w/connectivity today. Factory reset and pedal calibration was solid. I discovered the tablet has to be connected to the internet to save tones. Started banking my own tones along w/my favorite factory presets into "My Tones". 

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So far I've REC'd two songs w/my bass into the Silverface. I finished up a RECing tday using the fx100 D/I pc. All tones off the fx100 here. REC'd two guitar tracks and a bass track D/I pc. There's a strange artifact present in the audio that wasn't there on my first RECing w/the fx100. Some funny pops. Organ is off Kontakt. Drums are EZ.


"Don't Shoot The Messenger"

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