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Signature Tune For Your Favorite Model?

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I though this might be interesting to hear from other JTV owners:


What is your Signature Tune for your favorite model?  In other words, what song do you think captures the iconic sound of the model?


For example:


I like the SPANK model a lot and I love how Robert Cray's "Strong Persuader" sounds it.

For the T-Model, I have had a blast playing in open G.  Either the Stone's "Brown Sugar" or Black Crowes.


For acoustics, I like the J-200 tuned to Drop D  Go to songs are James Taylor's "Millworker" or John Hiatt's "Icy Blue Heart"


What is your Signature Tune?



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I'd be interested as being a born again strummer I don't have the experience to know why use one model over another.


Obviously amp and effects have an impact, but a list of signature songs and tunings would be a good place to start. 

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