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xlr, phantom power and podhd500x


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I run my hd500x to my steinberg ur22 via an xlr cable. If I have phantom power on (to drive a condensor mic), with the POD connected as well, will this damage the POD in any way?


To answer the logical question of "why and XLR from the POD?"... I find the signal is a little crisper and cleaner (probably an issue with my 1/4" cables... ). I would like to record guitar and vocals at the same time, using a condenser mic.


Many thanks



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You'd think with the HD being alot of things it would have phantom too but alas not.

You can use a dynamic and that is it.

If you want to use the HD to process the mic source you just need a phantom powered preamp and bring that in the Loop or Aux input.

You could use your interface and send the output to aux or loop return on the HD and use HD as interface. 

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55 minutes ago, bartolomeacosta said:

Does anybody knows if the Mic input on HD500X can feed phantom power to a condenser mic?


It can not.



All about POD HD500/X

help and useful tips

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