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Hearing Pod Farm 2.5 Platinum Output but not able to record it?

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Okay I'm having a problem.


I own Pod Farm stand alone platinum, and I am using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface.


My mic (sE Electronics sE2200a II C) is plugged directly into my 2i2, which is plugged into my PC via USB. I have my headphones plugged in via the headphone Jack on the front of the 2i2.



In pod farm I have my preferences set as Focusrite USB ASIO and I can hear my applied effects in real time. 


However I can't record my output with those effects! 

How do I do this?


I really want to use this for streaming (OBS) and I know its possible but I have no idea how!

What do I have to do?


Do I need Virtual Audio Cable or anything? 


When I record or stream it only records the direct input before the effects!

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Depending on your DAW and computer hardware, you could also just use the Focusrite direct to your DAW (do not open PF Standalone) and apply the PF plug-in to your track.


This sort of makes sense, I am using Adobe Audition but I will use whatever I have to, to stream the pod farm output to the DAW.


Would I be able to do this if I changed to Pro Tools | First & Ableton Live Lite recording software that came with the scarlett 2i2? 

I did some reasearch and it looks like Adobe Audition isn't compatible.


So if i switch to Pro Tools First or Ableton Live lite would I be able to stream this to OBS with the pod farm output? 

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