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Dream Rig With Stagesource Speaker

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I own a dream rig with the DT-25 and I read about using two amps simulataneously with dual tones off the HD500.  Can this also be done using one DT-25 as well as one of the Stagesource Speakers (L2T, I believe)?  I.E., would you get the same functionality as having the two DT-25's?  Has anyone done this?

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Hey, I think that the DT25 and the L2t were meant to be used by themselves as separate systems, I do own both of these and have never tried to combine them, I don't think it would be possible just because of the Output mode on the HD500, as you would have to select either Studio/Direct or Combo Amp.


So, You would have to either use two DT25's or two L2t's in order for the HD500 to recognize the two channels.

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Well, I can tell you from my own experience, I really like both systems, I just wish there was a one truly "Dream Rig" as I think both are incomplete, let me explain why..


DT25+HD500X+JTV69 - everything in this system is perfect, the guitar, the FX on the HD500 and the DT AMP, The sounds of this amp are just incredible, it works really well with the rest of the line 6 gear and also with any other gear you might have, also as a stand alone amp, I love it! 

The only thing is that I cant take an advantage of my acoustic sounds from my Variax that easy..


L2t+HD500X+JTV69 - I also really like to use the L2t because is very easy and fast to setup, with this system I can really play my acoustics sounds and they sound very, very good.. The Electric guitar and modeled amps also sound very good but not as nice as with the DT25


So, I just go by depending on the situation but I really wish I can have it all.. Great electric sounds and acoustics all in one system.. that would be a real "Dream Rig" to me


Lately, I have been using the L2t in all my gigs and been very happy and satisfied with the outcome, so, it depends on what you are trying to do and also your own personal sound quality demands.

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I use 


With the HD500 you can switch between the DT25(electric guitar) and the L2T(acoustic guitar) or use it simultaniously like I do.
Therefore you have to use the L6-connection between HD500 and the DT25/L2T.
L2T must be the last in line.
In electric guitar mode I mute the L2T, because I use the power-amp-mode (not studio direct) in the HD500.
In acoustic guitar mode I switch off the amp-sim in the HD500. That means the DT25 uses Channel B.
Here I use the clean Fender-Bassman-topology for channel B (front panel)
In the pa I mix the two signals (DT25 and L2T DI-Out) together. L2T 70% and DT25 30%


It's the best acoustic sound, I ever had.
Some month ago I heart a fantastic acoustic blues guitarplayer and he had the ultimate acoustic guitar sound over the pa.
I talked too him about his guitar rig and he used a microphone for acoustic sound and a fender tweed amp for pickup sound.
Both signals were mixed at the pa and the sound was incredible good.

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I just completed the Dreamrig by purchasing an L2t (JTV-69, HD 500, L2t).  I recieved it last Thursday and played it Saturday at a gig.  I have never been so excited, out of the gate, after buying a piece of equipment and using it for the first time.


First the ease of setup.


It took me only 10 minutes to be ready for our gig.  The L2t is so easy to haul.  It wasn't cumbersome like a 4-12 cabinent, a Marshal head or even a 50w combo 2-12. The handle was beefy and the small package was well balanced.


When playing, the clarity of sound cut through the mix, regardless of the patch.  Accoustic tones were precise and and very nuanced, there is no doubt it was an accoustic guitar.  I also, played an electric mandolin through my same accoustic pathes.  Amazing.  The chourus on the electric guitars tones shimmer and and when you want to get dirty the growl is throaty and has balls.   


Whats is most impressive is the way the rig lets you play the dynamics, close your eyes and you can feel the "amp and guitar", just amazing.  I love my JTV and HD.  But I will never give up my L2t

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@Iknowathingortwo I'm trying to use a similar rig (JTV-69, HD 500, L3t) but I'm disappointed with the electric patches, that sound much thinner than with a DT-25.

I'm curious what output mode you use on the DT-25, and what speaker mode on the L3t.

Could you share some of your patches ? 

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