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Helix L6 Link Support for Yamaha DXR Link Monitors

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Helix's design was complete by the time Yamaha acquired Line 6. Now, they are related companies, presumably with their respective technology accessible to either.


I own a Helix and use it with a set of Yamaha DXR10 FRFR Powered Monitors. Coincidentally, each device has it's own "Link" system, which involves an XLR connection. Helix's L6 Link Out is Digital. Yamaha's DXR Series' Link is Analog.


The thought came to mind that if Helix's digital L6 Link Out is not a hard wired digital jack, and if a firmware update were capable of repurposing the digital L6 Link Out Jack as an analog jack to support the Yamaha DXRs' Link system, this could be very handy for all Yamaha DXR users! This would leave Helix's Main XLR and 1/4" outs free for other uses.


If you're a Yamaha DXR user and Helix Owner and feel this would be of use, Vote it Up!


Here's the post on IdeaScale: https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/L6-Link-Support-for-Yamaha-DXR-Link/871536-23508

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