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X3 to Helix Mapping?


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I am now the proud owner of a new Helix, and getting to grips with it. After a while messing about with the preets and the downloaded tones, I now need to think about recreating the tones I have in my X3 Live.


I am aware that there is no automatic import and will need to build the patches manually, but I was wondering if such a thing as a map/chart of amps/effects models between the two exists, so you can at least start off with getting a chain of similar units together ready for tweaking.


For example I have an X3 patch (which probably started life as a downloaded Steve Hillage patch from Tone Central) which uses the Killer Z stompbox, and haven't got the foggiest which of the Helix Distortion models is a good one to start with (I am pretty much a guitar newbie when it comes to knowledge of different amps/effects). I could of course go through them all, but on the old 80/20 rule, it would be nice to have some sort of reference where you know which amp/cab/effect on the Helix would get you into the 80% right ball park so you can focus on the tweaking effort!


The corollary is that creating them from scratch will teach me a lot more :) but I would be quite happy if such a comparison list existed so I can focus on other things!




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I just posted these in another thread, but highly recommend you peruse them...


This is a great thread for getting to know the amps and effects -

And another good Helix Reference site -


And of course the Helix manual to get familiar with what box each tool maps to for those that aren't covered above.

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