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Helix into JamHub


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Tried the Helix into a JamHub last night.... and it sounded awful. The tones that sounded good while using my FrFr K10 sounded fizzy, buzzy and awful via the headphones from the JamHub.


Tried both the 1/4" and XLR out, both sounded the same.


I was also using studio monitors, which sound fine when connected direct to the Helix.


Anyone else encountered this with a JamHub?


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How are you hooking it up?  Which Jamhub?


Sounds like a gain stage isssue?  This is a typical problem... and I got this quote from a unit being sold on Reverb "You do need to carefully adjust the gain on the inputs and the levels to ensure minimal noise and a proper mix."


If you are hooking up from the headphone jack of the Helix to the JamHub, do you know what the impedance of the JamHub inputs is?

If I try to use my Shure SRH840 (44 Ohm) directly connected to the Helix headphone jack, it sounds AWFUL, like you are saying happens with the JamHub.  Several sources have suggested you want to use at least 150 ohm impedance drivers.  I haven't tested that theory out myself yet, nor have I tried recording from the headphone jack yet to see if it's a problem with my Helix Headphone jack.  I can listen fine through my Focusrite 6i6 with the headphones, so I just haven't taken the time yet.


He also noted that 1/4 ins are expecting a TRS signal in the ad.  Anyway, he had a lot to say about the JamHub, so here's the link https://reverb.com/item/4444061-jamhub-bedroom-silent-studio-for-up-to-5-musicians-great-solution-for-practice-mixing-monitoring?gclid=Cj0KEQiAl4TGBRDhgvmikdHPsdABEiQAtBcc8LGeLcaU-dT9khx1MMZaHOSIx7fv0ertPKOthzZK1ZsaArLV8P8HAQ&pla=1

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I tried it with the following combinations:


- XLR out to XLR in on the Hub (Helix set to Line and then Mic)

- 1/4" mono out to instrument in on Hub (using TS cable)

- 1/4" mono out to instrument in on Hub (using TRS cable)

- 1/4" mono out using TS cable, into an EbTech noise eliminator, then TRS out to the Hub (the ebTech translates TS to TRS and vice versa)


Didn't try the headphone out from the Helix into the Hub to be fair.

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