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Multi Fx Into Spider I?


So I got a crazy idea just now.... Has anyone connected a multi fx unit like the Boss GTs or Digitech Rps into the front of their spider iv amp? My idea was to use the unit for "pre" effects and use the amp for "post" (honestly the only 'pre' I use on the IV is the tube screamer) it'd be cool to have some pre delays, mods and of course distortion layered with the post reverts, delays, mods and eq or comps.


This would probably work best with cleaner amp models, and with more high gain models a comp or different effect could be used instead of the multi units distortion.


Thoughts? Does the IV 150 handle pedals in the front very well?

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Yes, you can use any FX pedals with Spider amps and as you already have figured out, multiple distortions don't wrk well together, and some effects work better at the beggining of the chain (or end of) than others.  Perfect example is using a WAH after a high-gain distortion - the wah seems to do almost nothing to the sound.

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