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Spider IV 15 - Recording via CD/MP3 slot and listening

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I am trying to record with a minijack to minijack cable, via the CD/MP3 slot in my amplifier, and also listen to it without any delay. I am using Windows Sound Recorder to record the audio with currently, as my other programs didn't seem to pick it up.

I can't seem to use the headpone slot on the amp to listen to it, and when I try via my PC or Focusrite Scarlett card, I get a serious latency on it. How do I avoid this? Or, how can I listen to what I am recording, without any delay?


If you know of another way I could be able to achieve the same results, that would also be appreciated. I'm kind of a newbie at this.

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HI, just a little confused here!  The CD/MP3 jack is an input TO the amp, not an output.  If you are trying to DI the sound, you have to use the headphone/DI output to your Scarlett interface.  Plug your headphones into the Scarlett to monitor. Latency would come from the software and drivers you are using - I don't think Windows Sound Recorder lets you access the buffer settings, try Audacity, Reaper or another real DAW.

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