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How to get same levels with 2 paths going to amp post mixer?

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The Pod HD 500x internal routing is really confusing and I´ve been reading and searching through the forum, but I´m still not getting it.


My current settup is my bass going in to the pod hd, then I have a single signal path with different fx blocks going into a single amp model BEFORE the split and then the L mixer pan at 0% with 0 db and R at mute. After the mixer I have 2 more fx blocks. One of the fx blocks before the amp model (second block) is a fx loop with an external drive pedal. This setup sounds really good and I´m quite happy with the sounds I´m getting. One thing that would improve my tone is by somehow being able to mix the distorted signal from my external drive with my clean tone so I don´t loose all my low end when I engage the fx loop/external drive. I know there are external blend pedals that work but it ought to be possible to do this internaly?


If I move my amp AFTER the mixer I have the possibility to get to signals into my amp, one "clean"/fx and another one with my FX loop and external drive. The problem is when you do this it is possible to boost the amp with the mixer. 


To my question:

How do you set the mixer settings with path A + B so you have the SAME signal hitting the amp block AFTER the mixer, compared as if you had the amp block before the mixer (with above mentioned settings)? 


I´m mostly using it with headphones so I want to be able to get sound in both ears! Besides that, mono is totaly ok. 


Or should I just buy an external blender?



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if you place the FX Loop (connected to your drive stompbox) in path A, the Pan A control needs to be centered (0%) and the path A level should be at 0dB, if you want that the amp model placed after the mixer is reached by the same (processed) signal level it would have received if it was instead placed with the FX in pre split position..


then you can use path B to send/blend/add a clean tone into the same amp model, but by doing so obviously the amp model will receive more stuff: clean + distorted, and probably will tend to distort a bit more by itself, so use both faders to find the perfect mix..


IMO there is not need to use an external blender, you have already all the needed controls in the POD

Thanks, and I do get it so for. Lets say that I keep the amp model PRE mixer and also set path B to 0 % pan an 0 db along with the A path. Now my signal/volume has gone up. By how much (db)? If I know how much the signal gets increased by doing this, I should be able to compensate with just lowering both A and B with a few db and then getting the same results when placing the amp block POST mixer?


I also have it set to input one: Guitar and input 2: Variax if that helps.

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if path B contained the same blocks and settings of path A, after the mixer you would get basically a doubled signal, ie about 6dB more with both Pan controls centered.. and no dB difference with the Pan controls hard panned Left and Right..


(FYI the Pan control in reality is a Balance control for the 2 half parts Left and Right of the signal passing through one path, therefore if hard panned on one side, one of the 2 half parts will be missing, just a matter of a halved level with a mono signal which could be easily compensated if needed with the fader, but could be a problem with stereo signals in the path, if not properly mono-ized in some way before going through the mixer)


but in this case it would be impossible to predict the final signal level difference since the paths are different than each other..


best thing IMO would be to make adjustmets of the mixer faders by ear, simply and effective way, but if you need a bit more precision, you could use the level meters of any DAW software enabled/armed for recording, and see expressed in values the different levels of 2 saved patches with the 2 different solutions, and make any adjustments accordingly..


regarding the inputs settings, if input2 is different than input1, you need a (neutral) mono FX (like a noise gate) to get 2 mono signals (Left and Right) from one (only Left), at the beginning of the chain to be able to send your signal to both paths..


the input signal level difference between the single input approach and the default input settings (with input2=same) is about 6dB..


therefore the 2 input setting solutions need a quite different gain staging (like distortion FX settings and amp drive settings), and will affect also the output level..


at the end whichever solution you choose, you can blend and match everything as you want by using the available controls, by ear and/or by using a visual reference like any DAW

Thank you! Lots of stuff to try out and think about. If I get an 6 db increase in volume, does that mean that I have to set both A + B paths to - 6 db or is it just - 3 db for both?


I use Reaper but forgot how to check the signal level. I think it was right click in input or something....?

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- 3dB on each path to get a total of - 6dB..


in reaper start a new audio track and press its own circle button to arm it for recording, it becomes red

Thanks man. It´s so obvious I feel kinda stupid :)

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