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Choosing The Sample Rate Of A Pod Hd Unit


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Hi, i have a pod hd500 that i would like to record in 24 bit, 44.1khz. I read somewhere that the default settings on the unit is 24 bit, 48khz. Is there anywhere on the pod i can change this down to 44.1khz? I have another soundcard. When i open reaper (my recording software), i can type in "44100" at the "request sample rate" window, and i can go to sound settings in windows and choose 24 bit and 44.1 hz, but is there a way to choose the sample rate in the actual POD HD500 unit, so it dosent get resampled before it is recorded?

Btw, the reason i want the sample rate to be 44.1khz is that everything else i do in the project is 44.1khz. Thank you.


Also, i got another question regarding the pod hd500 model. If i run 1 line out to my stage monitor and 1 xlr out to the pa, will one of the outputs be overidden by the other, or will the sound quality be the same?

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In the Menu pages scroll to input where you can adjust the sampling rate but looks like the bit rate is fixed at 24.


While there is little difference in sound quality between 16 and 24 bit especially with heavy distortion etc and it does save you dithering at mixdown or mastering the fact is that Computer power andHard drive size can cope with larger audio files nowadays. That there is more headroom with 24 bit, some feel it is a waste as it ends up 16bit 41.1htz anyway.


It is common practice to record and mix at 32 bit floating point.


Looks like unless you are willing to go to 24bit you will have to record via analogue outs.

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Choose 24 bit when you can, unless space is at a premium.  According to my HD400's Advanced User Guide, as far as I can read it, the Line 6 sampling rate can only be changed if your app is not using the ASIO driver to connect.  I haven't tested this, but here's how to modify the settings on Win7:

1. Launch the "Sound" app in Control Panel.  (Or, find the Line 6 MIDI settings app in Control Panel, and launch it from there, but not necessary.)

2. Select the POD HD device in the Recording tab, and click the Properties button

3. Select the Advanced tab in the properties, and "select the sample rate and bit depth ..."  Note, this says "when running in shared mode" so refer to the fuzzy wording in the Advanced User Guide for clarification!


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