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Holdsworthian Clean


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I've was playing around tonight and came up with quite a nice clean sound a la Allan Holdsworth. I'm using the Octo verb for the octave shimmer on top. There is a Elephant delay setup as well - with the volume pedal right before it - for the chordal swells. This is definitely a patch your going to want to try in stereo.


This was done under Firmware 2.12. Just download the file and rename the extension from.txt to .hlx.

Holds Clean.txt

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Thanks. I've always dug AH's tones. I got to see him live last year in Santa Cruz.... such a monster player.


I've seen him 6 times. I have all his (officially released) albums too. He's in a league by himself! I have my own Holdsworthian clean patch too, though I didn't name it that. I didn't use the Octoverb though; that's a nice touch!

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