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The Fatality amp with a baritone guitar... sounding MASSIVE! (video)


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Hi everybody!

I just finished a new tune with my new LTD Baritone guitar into the Helix and it's sounding pretty darn massive!
Someone suggested that I try the Fatality Line 6 original amp with this guitar and it is a great pairing.
This guitar is tuned to drop-Ab so the amp model has to handle the low tunings well.
I did use a tubescreamer model up front though, to tighten up the low end more.

For the Cab sound I used some new OwnHammer IR's from the 412 Recto cab which is available now at
I used the V70B for the main rhythms and a couple of the other ones for the additional parts.
It's safe to say this is by far my favorite cab to use now so I highly recommend checking it out!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!

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