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Pod Farm with obs/voicemeter/daw :(

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Hello all,



I've recently been using focusrites plugins for recording in programs, however, its not  standalone application and I cannot use it in "realtime" to do other things.


I've always used voicemeter banana while livestreaming.


My biggest breakthrough was discovering podfarm to output directly to OBS and use gate and compressor with voicemeter banana


My issues are that I was getting no output, not even an ASIO to adobe audition except my focusrite asio.


Podfarm (which is currently only trial as I need to test it before I buy it) I select and can modify the program as I would similar to focus-rites plugins yet I cannot output it anywhere.


I'd assume I'd be able to select it as an audio device in windows or even a recording device in my daw.


Is this because its a trial? or am I doing something wrong.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. please and thank you




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Podfarm is software, so cannot be selected as an 'audio device'.  If you're running the stand-alone model (you have to pay to have the plug-in), then you have to select Podfarm as the input in your DAW (or other) software, and the ASIO drivers would be those for that software.  Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply,


So you need to use the the plugin not the stand alone? Or you have to then use both? I can detect the ASIO of voicemeter banana of my MIC, and was told I could do the same with podfarm but Its not detected anywhere. And Whats the point of using the standalone that does detect my mic but can't output anywhere?


Thank you!

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