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Simple Question: Logic X Pro


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I have a POD HD Pro.  I have installed the drivers via Monkey and am connected via USB to my Mac.  What are the steps for inserting it into a track?  Do I create software instrument track or audio track or what?


I know how to use a stereo out from there to the board and record that - I thought I saw that you can use USB to record and pick you tone from a popup?


So, just looking for step wise instructions.  I cannot find my POD HD in the track info...


Thanks in advance!



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That might be the case here Thingor2, I'll try that, thank you!


This may be a question for the Logic forums, but it looks like there is not way to select the input source on a per track basis for more than one interface.  What is weird is I can choose the POD as input when creating a new track - but it shows me the Input preference for all of Logic.  So I would be switching away from my Presonus as the input (and I cannot do that).  Everything works when routing traditionally, but I was hoping for additional software functionality in the track.


Come to think of it, is that something you get with POD HD Pro - or can only POD Farm do that?

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you generally can't use multiple interfaces (by design) i use my pod 2 ways....

i have a tascam us1800 interface, and from the pod i have analog inputs to the tascam and i also have the spdif input.

i have the spdif input sending dry/unprocessed track for reference...

i add 2 tracks one for each input....

much easier doing it this way because then i can keep everything on one interface... and have no issues using edit or whatever if i wanted to.


if you absolutely must try to get multiple interfaces googles "aggregate devices" for your mac and it may be possible...

keep in mind that you lose some sound quality and performance barriers...

essentially using a single device allows the inputs and outputs to be timed correctly, and mutliple devices can sometimes bring poor results.

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L6, if you are listening....regarding Edit....


One thing that is confusing to me:  when the tone in Edit is italicized with a *, meaning the tone is changed in Edit.  How do I know where I tweaked?  Sometimes I grab the knob on the POD and other times I use the Edit UI.  How do I know which side has is changed (software vs hardware) if I forget after moving to another patch?


Also, I find the U/I to be cramped.  I want to be able to expand the window in Edit to full screen to work and so I can see everything clearly.  I practically have to use reading glasses to see everything on my 27" Mac.

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