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I don't see how you can set more than one band with the Parametric EQ


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I thought that the Parametric EQ was an Equalizer than allowed you to decide what the frequency bands will be. Now I think this EQ does that in the HD Series, but I don't see how you can set more than one band.


I mean, since there is no memory button how do you adjust the settings for one specific frequency and program that into the EQ, and then move on to the next frequency? Without disturbing the settings for the previous band that you just got done setting?


I don't see how you can do it since everything shares the common dials.

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Yes agreed and a popular flaw.

Line 6 did setr the global EQ properly and I'd trade w all the EQ models for one like it in the FX bin.


There has been some useful documented info and most useful were EQ graphs at the varous percentage settings and various models.


There is on EQ that is supposed to be a graphic style, the rest are pretty much as you described with high and low shelving thrown in.


An EQ pedal inserted into the FX loop would not be a waste.

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