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POD HD500X + Rocktron Velocity Power amp + EVH 1x12'' box


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Hi everyone, 

I use a PODHD500X plugged into a Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD power amp (line out of POD to line in of power amp).
The power amp is connected to a 1x12 box (EVH, Celestion Heritage speaker, 16 Ohm, 30 Watt).
This setup sounds good, but the sound is very bassy, and sometimes doesn't quite cut through...
The POD output mode is set to "studio/direct", the other settings (combo pwr amp, combo front...) did sound rather weak (not much volume would come out).
Am I doing anything wrong ?!
Using my setup i did expect a better sound than when using my POD and an active monitor box.
Any hint ?
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At 16 ohms the V100 is outputting ~ 28 watts IIRC so you might have to see how you have to patch set up. Channel Vol/Master vol to see how much you can push the power amp prior to distorting the amp's output.


Very bassy and not cutting through sounds like you should also EQ the patch and check HD's amp parameters like thump and resonance. A closed back cab will also have some low end "thump" to it.


Its been years, but through a Velocity 120 and a 8ohm closed back 1x12 it was pretty loud and good sounding combination.

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