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Helix not displaying the 8 snapshots on the FS's


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I'm on version 2.12. According to the manual and some video's I've watched when I press the two bank switches together to enter snapshot mode I should see the 8 scribble strips change to snapshot. Although on mine they are just blank. I do see the camera icon at the top right and I do have the preference for showing 8 snapshots on the FS set.


The manual says this,

"The middle eight switches flash, indicating a snapshot is ready to be selected. The current snapshot's footswitch lights red and its camera lens appears inverted."


Simply nothing happens on mine other than the bank switches change to snapshot and that so far it seems is the only way I can move through the snaps is by pressing the bank switches up and down.


Am I missing some configuration?

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If you press and hold the bank switches, you actually change their function rather than changing the footswitch mode. To change modes, you just have to hit both those switches once and release them. It sounds like you're probably holding them too long. If the scribble strips are blank, it means you're in stomp mode and have nothing assigned to the footswitches.

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