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Did you get the variax survey email?

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I got an email as well - Plan to do the survey later tonight - :)  Now that you posted the link - maybe a bunch more people will be obliged to fill it out..


Kinda funny they would make such a Typo for their own Company Name..  :blink:  :blink:  -  Maybe a little too much liquor or not enough coffee, or maybe vise versa - pick your poison  :ph34r:

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I have two Variax registered and I didn't get an email. I followed the link posted above and did the survey. It's good to see they are thinking of a next generation Variax. It's a pretty decent platform to work from now. A new and improved model might generate some gas.

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One of the questions hinted at the possibility of some sort of touch-pad controls on the guitar itself, as opposed to knobs. Personally I can't think of anything more aesthetically nauseating. Just because it has a computer guts doesn't mean it should look like one on the outside.


So if anyone's listening, please spare us touch-pad controls. Maybe it's just me, but I like my guitars to look like guitars

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Took the survey, didn't appear to be a phishing expedition.... Noticed it was 3rd party (contract) survey takers, though, so would explain the obvious "Line 5" miscue on the email...

The year before the JTV's came out, I also got and responded to an L6 survey on the different models they were proposing. You could tell they were further along in the design. The recent Shurikan announced offering at least shows me they are not "over" the Variax as yet, though I know that one was a pet project of the Twelve Foot Ninja guy. The Standard was in my opinion an attempt at the market like me that bought the 300 in 2005...  I now have the JTV-59 and 69S. I'd like to see them improve the model algo's on the JTV/Standard. Recently pulled out my old 300 and plugged it into my Helix VDI, and was shocked at some of the models, how good they still sound - some better than the HD JTV's. Quite a few are much better in the JTV's, but still...

A side note, when I had my 300 hooked up via VDI to my Helix, I noticed the proper 300 models (minus the mags of course) were selected by my presets setup to choose the models of the JTV's, so the Helix does in fact control the 1st gen Variaxes, just displays wonky crap if you look at the Variax input parameters and mess with the model knob or selector switch. Obviously the alt tune parameter stuff also does not function on the old Variaxes, but in a pinch would work for most stuff. Kind of klunky, but works....

Just hope they get the Helix FW 2.20 out with Workbench HD, already..... Then they should either make the regular Workbench work for the 1st gen Variaxes, or make the HD WB usable with the 1st gen Variaxes -- even given the non HD models for the old ones versus the HD models on the JTV/Standards. They apparently do share the same control parameters for model switching.



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I took the survey as well.

I told them to address the plinking situation that plagues a lot of people.


I told them to add more models and pickup selections, and I told them that additional controls are fine as long as it's not an eyesore. A touchpad would deter from the guitar to me. I feel like it would be cool, but that's not why I got a Variax, so honestly, I don't want one. I mean, what would it control? Unless they can give me examples, I don't want one. 

As for controls, Tone, Volume, PU select, and Alt tuning have to stay on the new Variaxes.


My only question is, what will become of the current Variax items? Will it just be like the old ones? I mean, I guess we bought it because what they presented what it does for us, not what it could do in the future. We paid for what we saw and heard, so I can't complain too much, it's not like that functionality is going to randomly disappear.

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For me the Variax integration is there true "unique selling point", to differ from other manufacturers.

It is hard work to get this technology to the vintage loving GP, but it is worth it.


Not one of the players I personally know get in touch with a Variax or get into the technology and possibilities. But all are shocked if they get a demonstration. The only thing that keeps them from buying is the fact, that most of them are not computer-guys at all and they are afraid of the technology (meanwhile managing the most complex paddle-boards or rigs ever seen).


We all have to do some apostles work day by day, to expand the interest and believe in this technology.

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