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Jtv + Hd500 Tuner & Volume Bug When Using Vdi Cable

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I've have a JTV-69 and a HD500 that are both about 2 years old.  There seems to be some kind of bug this behavior is only when I'm using the VDI cable (doesn't happen with 1/4").


So often I will do this sequence of events:

  1. Turn the volume down on the JTV-69
  2. Press and hold the "Tap" button on the HD-500 to switch to the tuner
  3. Turn the volume up on the JTV-69
  4. Tune the guitar
  5. Turn the volume down on the jtv-69
  6. Press the "Tap" button on the HD-500 to leave tuner mode
  7. bump the strings, make a lot of noise, because for some reason my guitar is up 100% even though the knob is set to 0.
  8. turn the tuner slightly back up and down to 0.   Now it is actually set to 0

Please note that this happens on patches that have no variax settings configured (I.e. tuning, volume/tone settings, models, etc.  and the tuner is set to mute on my HD500 at all times.


Can anyone else confirm this is a bug?  If so is there away to submit it to L6?


 It's annoying as crap, because even though I'm aware of this behavior. I get burned by it.  I'm usually playing at an event and will be tuning while there is someone speaking, or while something else is going on, and a random guitar noise is pretty annoying for everyone else involved.




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