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Using a Mic combo for years and today it started having issues.

Sm58>Mic Cable>High Impedance Transformer>POD XT>Reg Cable>Pevey Amp.

Today, when using the Mic (Vocals) (Yes I know this isn't it's designated use and purpose, but it works really well and wonderfully for the last 7 years.)
upon certain frequencies (mid range) it incurred clipping and then cutting of the sound, then total lack of output form the POD.

I replaced the transformer assuming it was an incoming signal issue. No change, Tested Mic, still good, tested other cables, all good.
sometimes upon turning off and on, I get signal again temporarily..  using a XLR female to 1/4" male also incurs the same issue, just the volume levels need to be maxed out to get the basic signal before it clips and dies.

Installed Line 6 monkey, Cannot connect to internet, (disabled AVG, Firewall, and all blockers) Cannot connect to be able to reset the device.

A little while back I had to replace the power to the POD and I'm figuring that fried the memory a bit, needing to find a way to reset the device somehow.

Anyone have experience using Firefox as their internet experience of choice, with no-script, adblocker, and ghostery addons and AVG as the antivirus with standard window firewall and connecting the Line 6 Monkey to the internet?


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