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m20d footswitch

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Hi, I am interested in the media player feature of the m20d.

In the manual it is written that there is a footswitch that allows to toggle between stop/start of the playlist.

I can not find this foot switch. Does anybody has experience with that.

I also have a Helix. Would it be perhaps possible to asign a foot switch of the helix to do that?





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There are two footswitch jacks on the M20d right beside the headphones jack. You need to connect an external footswitch just like you need to connect headphones.


No you cannot use the Helix footswitch for this purpose.


Are you sure about the Helix to M20d connections?

I haven't tried it (I haven't used footswitch control on my M20d yet), but according to the Helix manual the Amp Switching output mimics a pair of simple switches:

EXT AMP 1/2 Connect to your traditional guitar amp to switch its channels or turn its reverb on and off. Use a TRS cable for dual operation (1=tip, 2=ring).

So with a cable that is TRS Jack at the Helix end to dual TS Jack (a simple 1/4 stereo split to 1/4 mono cable) you should be able to define momentary switches on Helix (in pedalboard mode) that will activate the foot switch functions on the M20d.


Or am I missing something? I might give this a go tomorrow with a simple guitar lead for single switch operation and report what happens (rehearsal tonight)

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Test complete - it's one of those "close but no cigar" moments... 

I connected the Helix to M20d using a stereo 1/4 jack to dual mono 1/4 jack lead - output from the Helix Ext Amp to the M20d footswitch inputs.

I set M20d to play/stop with one footswitch and next track with the other and inserted an SD card with 5 mp3 tracks on it and set up a quick playlist with the 5 tracks. Note - this always starts the track from the beginning.

On Helix I used command centre to set a pair of footswitches to control tip and ring outputs - the only options available.


Then I started pressing footswitches and ran into the M20d latching/momentary problem.

The M20d requires momentary switches (I have a keyboard sustain that works perfectly - given the limited functionality on M20d)

The Ext Amp switches on Helix are latching.... yes it does Start/Stop and switch to the next track when you press the Helix switches. But you have to press twice to get the M20d to respond, so as it stands it is not very useful.

The only way that this will work in a useful way is if a future upgrade of Helix gets it to support momentary switching on the Ext Amp outputs, but at the moment I think buying a dual momentary footswitch is the easiest option.

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