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POD HD500X and two stereo scenarios

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Hi guys, this is my first post here.

I’m going to buy a POD HD500X, but first, I’m trying to figure out how to set it up.


The hypothetical rig should be: guitar, POD and two separate amps (heads & cabs), in true stereo. I don’t want to use (in this specific case) the POD’s amp/cab simulations, but just its effects.

In your opinion, is it possible to use these two configurations (I'm attaching here two pictures)? What are the potential technical issues (for example hum)?

For scenario #1: I’d use a TRS Y splitter cable. Is it a good idea?




I won’t use any mixer: I exclusively play at home, alone.


I found some similar questions in this forum, but they were looking for qualitative evaluations; I only need to know if those wiring layouts are technically feasible with the HD500X.


Sorry about my crappy English: I’m just learning…

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drawing 2 is possible. easily.



I will let someone else chime in on image 1. I don't use amps or loops. So, my knowledge is limited.

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You can do both.  Image one;

The Send will send a stereo send if it has a TRS jack split into two TS jack cables. Better than a Y cable as you will have stereo.

 Image One is simply a stereo version of the 4 Cable Method you can call the 6 Cable stereo Method. Congrats!

 Image 2 is standard 4CM with a split into two power amps and could be called more problematic.

Image one will give you the choice of either using the preamp in one or both amps with FX before and after the either both amp preamps or only one and you can use dual or just one side HD preamp models which return to your amp's power amp stages in both amps. 


Both ways will need some serious level matching but once you have a setlist and some patches especially for it;

Should be awesome!

Wish me happy 1,000th post! lol

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:D I forgot to mention that there are other ways to patch the HD from the loop of your amps but if using the ypur Amp's pre amps only, the 6 Cable Stereo Method will allow you to place pedal type effects before your preamp and also time based effects after the preamp. 

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