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Song using baritone tuning with the JTV89 modeled pickups

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I should probably preface this by saying I don't play a ton of heavy stuff. But more recently I've been having fun with the Custom 1 bank on my JTV69US. I loaded the JTV89 pickups there in Workbench, and I have really liked them. I recorded this over the weekend using mostly the baritone tuning. All the guitar tones in this piece are from the Variax. They're all the 89 model except for the one clean rhythm part, which is the Spank model.


Everything (well, all guitar and bass) was recorded through the Helix. All the high gain tones are the Fatality model using on of the Allure IRs (the 412 Cali V30). The clean tones are an Archon Clean patch I made a while ago.


The bass is not from the Variax. It's a Fender Dimension V.



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Good Job!

Here's another attempt at Baritone Guitar. Not nearly as ambitious as yours Phil! But an attempt nonetheless. Just the intro and somewhere again later in the song. Not higain at all. Just a dab of dirt.




Anyone else want to share their Baritone Guitar recordings?

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