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L6 Link- DT Amps & Helix- the Dead Horse Scrolls...


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POD HD500 <—> DT implementation was INSANE to develop and debug. And almost no one uses it. Helix <—> DT deserves a serious rethink.


What?    :unsure:  Huh? Yes, I'm sure it was tuff, but you guys did it. I dunno what DI meant here, but that's what sold thousands of DT AND HD units as a pair. Called "the Dream Rig" and Line 6 even coined the phrase!  I don't know where he got the idea no one was using it... Maybe I misunderstood?...



Regardless of what we do, it's never going to work like it did with HD500. And it shouldn't.


Like alt tunings on the Variax?  ;)  Ok, I'll bite. Why shouldn't it? DI there are thousands of DT amp owners out here atm just waiting for this upgrade to be done, and many thousand more sales to be made for the DT series amps AND Helix after it happens! The "new" Dream Rig... That's a WIN WIN for Line 6. Not to mention that fact that altho it's a different animal as you keep pointing out, you guys did do it once already. The hardware is already there and the ports even named the same. Just do it and you can thank me later for be a blunt asswipe that won't take no for an answer.  B)  Ahhh..., I may have figured it out. Is there is something big fixing to be announced in the next few months? Hummmmm....

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I was a long time user of a HD500x and a couple of variations of the DT series.


I was going to say the reason they say the Helix will won't and shouldn't work like the HD series is that the DTs used the same pre-amp modelling so why bother. Then I remembered my frustration that the HD didn't hand over pre-amp modelling duties to the DT, thereby not reducing processor overheads. However, I don't think the Helix does a amp pre mode (from what I've seen) so you'd always end up with a modelled power section + the valves being reconfigured (unless pre's only came out).


That said, I personally found the benefit of switching power output modes on the valves in the DT wasn't sufficient to offset the horror of volume matching patches using DTs and went back to power amp and speaker combinations. I also hate to think of the noise you'd get if you were changing models using snapshots, and the additional lag slowing things down. It was bad enough moving between patches with the HD unit.


Overall I'm finding the Helix and Variax combination through FRFR's more if a dream rig than anything I got from a variax + HD + DT setup.


Not sure what your comment about alt tunings on the Helix is. I use them extensively to match keys for singers, for open tunings etc, and have no issues.

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I stopped holding my breath and sold my DT50 212. After doing the A/B thing numerous times between the Dream Rig and the

Helix-->FRFR, I always preferred the latter. I loved the DT50, but I have no regrets. I have no way of knowing, but my senses that Line 6 is moving on from the DT amps. I think the Firehawk, the Spider V series with full range speakers, andthe absence of any new tube amp introductions for many years give evidence to this. Both the sound and the portability of the Helix-->FRFR rig have helped me join Line 6 in moving on. The gentleman who purchased my DT50 is delighted with the amp. I do think it is a great standalone amp for many.

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I don't want to sell my DT tube baby. And I still have my HD 500 and use it sometimes with my JTV

(that's the original dream rig ;) ).


I'm still hoping for a (robust?) Helix integration as DI mentioned here:


So let's vote:



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