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Taken the plunge - dual TS210 speakers


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Selling my single QSC K10 and have purchased dual TS210 speakers (incidentally, to my ears the Helix sounds much nicer through the TS210 instead of the K10. Controversial!). I'm looking to implement a w/d/w setup with these two speakers.


Is there a way to just use TWO outputs (i.e. the 2 XLRs) and have the dry signal after the IR block in center, and then one wet path going hard left, and the other wet going hard right...? I know it's possible using three outputs, but I'd want to just use 2.



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DI posted the info below. You should be able to use those steps to create your wet panned left and right, and your dry in the center using those concepts below. 





There are lots of ways to do it, but the easiest method is probably this:

  • Build your "left" sound on Path 1. Set its Output > Multi block's Pan parameter to Left 100.
  • Build your "right" sound on Path 2. Set its Output > Multi block's Pan parameter to Right 100.


If you want to build everything on the same path, you can:

  • Select one of your two Amp blocks, press ACTION, and use the joystick to move it down. This creates Split and Merge blocks.
  • If necessary, move your Amp, Split, and Merge blocks accordingly. The Split should be to the left of the first Amp and the Merge should be to the right of both Amps.
  • Select the Merge block and set its A Pan parameter to Left 100 and its B Pan parameter to Right 100.


Note that all paths are fully stereo, so if you have, say, a Ping Pong delay before the split and want it to bounce back and forth between Paths 1A and 1B, it won't sound stereo because both the left and right sides are being sent to both paths equally before being merged to mono at the Amp block. You can still accomplish this, but you have to select the Split > Y block and set Balance A to Left 100 and Balance B to Right 100.

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you can have all four separate path output blocks set to XLR and all panned differently.  No problem.  Lots of ways to do it but basically here is what you are asking for.


Build your patch on path 1A  with your pre effect and amp / cab.  After the cab add a gain block and pull it down to create path 1B.  Pull the merge block down and set 1B output to path 2A.  Set Path 1A output to XLR and keep it centered.  If you put anything like EQ on 1A after the split make sure its a mono effect. 

Add a wet effect on path 2A and drag it down to create 2B.  Drag the merge block down to create 2 separate outputs for 2A and 2B and set them both to XLR.  Pan one hard right and the other hard left.  Add more wet effects in any combination you like.  You could also just use stereo effects on path 2 and keep just one path to the output in stereo.

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