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Firehawk updated problems

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Hi guys (and gals)

I'm a newbie to Firehawk and when I try to connect with either my iPhone or iPad it keeps telling me my device needs to be updated.

I've downloaded the Line 6 updated but when I try to use it I'm asked to select the device I want to update but the page is blank, just a black square!

Am I doing something wrong?

Can anyone help?

Windows 10 on a laptop.

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Have you downloaded and installed the Line 6 driver? The Line 6 Updater program needs that to communicate with the Firehawk device over usb.

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Hi silverhead,

Duh!! Well, I hadn't thought of that, as soon as I downloaded the driver I was able to use the updater!

Thanks very much. I guess at 62 years of age somethings are just so glaringly obvious you miss 'em!

Anyway, all done now and working brilliantly. Thanks once again for the advice!





Let the Music Rage on forever!

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