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HD500 Power Supply/Reboot Issue?


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I've searched the forums and net for some resolution on this issue, and I have seen several with a similar issue. I'm just getting some conflicted information and wanted to see if anyone here can help me pinpoint the problem.


I purchased the HD500 used from a private seller. It has worked fantastic so far (aside from this issue and the FS3 sometimes deciding to take awhile to work...but that's another story). 


I took the pedal to band practice and gave it a go after installing a few patches from the EDIT program. I left the power supply plugged in for most of the practice, which lasted a few hours. During the last hour, the pedal powered off, then immediately rebooted. It would be good for a few minutes before rebooting again. The time between reboots was seemingly random. 


The room was quite warm and I noticed the power supply was extremely hot to even hold. I chalked it up to overheating and thought that I could unplug it in between sets to rectify the issue. Played a gig Friday at a nice large stage/club and it performed fine (unplugging between sets). I played at a smaller (and probably warmer) venue Saturday and again unplugged the pedal between sets. The pedal rebooted twice during the last set. The power supply seemed pretty hot once again. 


I've read something about holding down left on the directional pad as the pedal boots up, but I honestly haven't tried it as I'm still pretty new and don't know exactly what that does. I don't want to look at deleting everything and starting over (even though my patches are backed up on HD500 EDIT). 


I've ran the pedal through Monkey and everything is up to date. Have I singled out my issue to a simple power supply replacement? Any advice would be great and appreciated! I LOVE this thing...don't want to go back to my Digitech Rp500:(

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