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Fuzz pedal into the loop making high pitched noise?


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That's possible.... Please keep the ideas coming... Would prefer to keep it in the loop because all the great

possibilities that can be done with it....

You haven't mentioned which AnalogMan Fuzz you have. If it's a Sunface, the only way is to put it in front of the Helix. In the conventional setup you would also put this first in the signal chain after your guitar. It does work with few 'true bypass' effects in front of it, but will act strangely when confronted with a buffered input signal.


The AnalogMan Astrotone Fuzz is supposed to be less sensitive to a buffered input signal and may work better in the loop. Haven't tested this myself though. If I have some spare time I may try this. I have several Sun Faces, Sun Lions, Astrotones and a Sunbender lying around. Really love those fuzz boxes, but the Helix is so incredibly convenient and sounds great too

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I asked a similar thing a while ago, and somebody recommended a Radial Dragster, but I didn't try it.
It's 50$ for a pot in a box so... I figured it would be more convenient to just use the models inside the Helix, which are pretty decent.
My favorite fuzz is the FZ-2 (which works just fine wherever you put it) and now that's in the Helix too, as the Wrangler, so I dropped it.

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Do you mean placing it in loop #1 ?

Where do you find the imprudence selector? I will read up on it....I have not seen anything

On being able to select the impedance


Which loop is probably not as important as making sure that loop is placed first in the chain of the patch and then go into the input block on the patch and change the impedance there.  It is located on the input block and probably is set to auto by default. You can adjust the value. I found 10K works for my fuzz god 2, which is a fuzz face type circuit. Not sure if it will help or not, but worth a try.


Also, I had one pedal that seemed to be noisy in the loop and I put a noise gate right after it and it resolved the problem. Because the noise was faint, it was easy to kill it without really changing the signal at all the rest of the time. 

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