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Factory reset problem! Firehawk 1500


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I just purchased a slightly used Firehawk 1500 with fbv3 controller. I am trying to reset the previous owner's tweaks back to the factory settings. The Pilot's Manual give very minimal instructions which actually led to the unit running self diagnostics instead of resetting. When I finally figured out that by holding tap on the foot switch and pressing the volume knob would get me to the reset option. However what I seen on the display is a 3 second countdown to selecting the reset option and no matter what I push or turn or step on, it defaults to "N" (presumably for "no") and it fails to reset. Please help! How do I get it to change to "Y" so I can complete the reset! (Incidentally, this "Pilot's Guide" contains the least amount of information I have ever seen in any Line 6 Product I have ever owned.)

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According to the forums (Line 6's alternative to destroying rainforests to create manuals) there's the following entry:


Q: How can I reset the FIREHAWK 1500 to its default settings?


A: Press and hold the Master Volume knob and the Navigation Encoder (the scroll wheel) as you power up the unit. Unfortunately, any patches not backed up to My Tones prior to the reset will be lost



It might help to disconnect the FBV3 when doing this so the poor thing doesn't get confused. Hope that helps you.

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