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Saving Backup Presets


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Used the Spider 120 for the first time with the band. Some how I managed

to delete the very first preset fumbling with the foot switches. So before this

happens again, where do you store backups?




You have to use the Spider Remote app to save presets. If you only save presets using your amp, it's lost unfortunately. If you've used the Spider Remote app, it will be saved in My Tones if you used that option when the preset was created.


Many have complained that the lack of a computer editor makes it hard to manage presets, since all presets are stored on the Cloud, and can't be accessed by the user. A computer editor would be a great addition and probably increase sales for an already solid product. But it doesn't seem like it's in the cards...

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In the Spider Remote app at the top click the  Details tab.  In the Details tab you can enter: a title, an author, a rating  etc.  When you are in the Details tab you can  click on the floppy disk at the top  to:


- Save to My Tone

- Save to My Tone As.

- Save to Spider V (if you are connected)

- Publish to Line 6 Cloud

- Share


Note: The floppy icon is only available and visible when you are in the Details tab (at least on Android). 

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Save to my tone is stored locally on your device (tablet or phone) so if you always use the same device then yes you can retrieve it at any time. If you use multiple devices then you may want to save the tone to your amp or to the cloud.

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I did the same mistake and lost 30A - "Dirty Street". My idea is that every owner of "Spider V 60" can browse this preset in "Spider Remote" app and post it me in the form of texts and figures (DST this or that with , gain 40 %, tone 55 % etc.). And I can do the same for every other user who lost preset I have. Is it possible ? If yes, would anybode give me that mercy ? 

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