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DT 25


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Well that depends on what you want, what you do and how much budget you have. The DT25 is great amp two channel amp all on it's own. Pair with the POD HD500x it gives you a lot for capability for lots and lots of tones in traditional guitar amp type of configuration and seamless integration of over the Line 6 link. I don't have a firehawk so I can't really speak to it's capabilities but my understanding is it's more for the bedroom hobbies guitarist to get some good tone up quickly to computer or headphones or pair with any number of amplifiers. Supposedly quick to setup and get tones running. The POD HD500x takes more time to get used to and get the tone you want. But it's an great unit for using on stages. The DT25 is great small gigging stage amp which also has cab simulated output for large stages where you need more output to a PA and of course works well mic'ed if you wanted to do that instead.

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You might want to think about your back too! The Firehawk weighs a ton!!


From a sound point of view the Firehawk is more of an FRFR solution so consider the Soundstage stuff too.


The DT is a 'guitarists' amp with all the versatility of changing sound via the POD. Acoustic sounds from the DT are limited (although Rads did a great patch I use and modified - see Customtone) so it's a bit 'horses for courses'...

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