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Jtv69 Fw 2.0 Recording With Position 2 + 4

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After some adjustments on the Stratocaster model, I am now pretty fine with the new FW 2.0 :-)


I just wanted to share with you a recording I did on song I love for its tunes and chord progression. The song is from Steve Winwood "While you see a chance". 


I let him musically meet his good old friend Eric Clapton :-)


I exclusively used the position 2 and 4 which is somehow typical for the EC-sound to me. I used the Marshall Plexi Lead Full amp model of the POD HD500.


I recorded two guitar tracks: a Rhythm + lead track. The song is in its original version completely without any guitar (at least I haven't heared any). But Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton are playing this song when they are Touring together.




Couldn't manage to upload the presets to CustomTone so far. Will try it later ...



Any thoughts / feedback is welcome.

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Couldn't manage to upload the presets to CustomTone so far. Will try it later ...



CustomTone still does not provide support for sharing the Variax Workbench Patches


See this thread for info on where to post Workbench patches (all versions)


Tyler Variax WorkBench HD Patch Exchange

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Yes, definitely upload your WB patches to the "" website. There are a number of WB Variax patches there now. It is a great site for all things virtual guitar. Anyone with a Variax should become a member there. Lots of interesting and useful info there, and a great community of players.

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