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Patch to jam with the new synth (Audio and Preset included)


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So I had a little time to mess around with the new toys and was puzzled by the 3 Osc Synth. I went ahead and created a patch to see if I could use it as backing.


You can hear a poorly recorded and played example here:


Here's how it works:


Set up to play a i - iv - V7 progression in Em


the Em Am switch toggles between those two chords

the B7 switch activates the V7

to return to the i or the iv (whichever was active before you entered the V), you stomp on the V again

Synth volume is controlled by EXP Pedal 2


Is this the best way to go about programming the synth? I doubt it. Just a quick solution to the problem it posed.


I've attached the the preset for those of you who care to give it a shot. Hopefully this is a little embryo we can all turn into something cooler on here.


(to install it just remove the .txt format from the file name and use Helix editor)



Paul - Synth Jam Em.hlx.txt

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