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Helix 2.20 sound improvment


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I read few people saying 2.20 changes amp and cab sound in a better way. is that True??

Not sure about them sounding better; I've had that impression before with a previous firmware update. If I remember correctly, there was a guy that did a re-amping with the new firmware to compare it to the old and found no difference. So from then on, I reackon that my ears are getting more and more used to modeling ...


(Who would have thought that for a tube amp aficionado with a great love for AnalogMan fuzz boxes [which I still am])

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It does seem that the tuner is less jumpy. Need to play with it some more to be sure...

I played with it briefly as well, and it seems to be better based on the short time on was on it. I will dive in a little more on it this week. 

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