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JTV 89F Body Mod

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I'd like to see the completed project. The new body shape looks kind of cool. I've been thinking lately that since I can't sell my old JTV69 stock neck for very much, if at all. That I might just try to reprofile it myself as a little project.

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I'll come back and post a follow-up when done. That's what the To Be Continued meant. I love the profile of the 89F neck but the bottom "horn" kept getting in the way of my big hands. Hopefully it's resolved. It will be with the painter for another week or so. Good luck with the neck job!

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Thanks for the kind words all. I've been playing it for two days and it's working really well although I'm still tweaking it for best performance.


C2, not sure what the issue is. I've watched it on several computers, tablets and phones. Go to YouTube and search rickthestick8, you should see it right there.

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