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Variax Workbench Won't Recognise My Variax On My Macbook Pro

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Like other users have reported my workbench simply wont recognise my Tyler Variax.  Like other users Monkey finds it and communicates but Workbench won't.  It says no device is connected even when it IS either through my HD500 or workbench interface !!!


I am on a MacBook Pro with the latest OS.  Everything is connected properly otherwise Monkey wouldn't work.



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Note that Workbench HD does not work using the VDI connection from any compatible POD (e.g. HD500). You must use the Workbench hardware interface that came with your JTV. Don't bother wasting time testing with the VDI connection.


A couple of things to check:

When using the hardware interface, you should have a well-charged battery in your JTV. Also, your JTV needs to be updated to firmware v2.0.

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Make sure to use Line 6 Monkey to do all software updates for Monkey itself and the USB drivers.


Make sure you have a guitar cable in your 1/4 inch jack and turn your volume up.  Otherwise, your guitar may be in sleep mode.  Inserting the cable and turning the volume up turns the guitar "on".


Do not use any POD to connect to Workbench, use the interface.  Try using different USB cables and try using a regular ethernet cable in place of your VDI cable.  You can also try different combinations of USB ports on the MBP.


Just in case, make sure your MBP is plugged in, not just on battery and make sure your JTV has a fully charged battery as well.


Good Luck

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