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Firmware 2.20 Badonk & Obsidian 7000 demo and preset walkthrough


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Hi guys,

Man, Line 6 did an INCREDIBLE job with that Badonk amp model.
I honestly feel that for heavy music that amp model is my favorite amp in the Helix now.
I used to be a big fan of the Big Bottom amp so naturally this one suits me well.
The improvement however is definitely there.
To me it feels and sounds more realistic and warm while still maintaining that HUGE crunch!
Paired with the OwnHammer 412 Recto V70B it's just incredible.....

I'm also digging the new Obsidian 7000 (Darkglass B7k) bass drive pedal.

Anyway, so I made a video about these new features.
Hope you enjoy this one!



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