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TBP12 Transmitter - Battery Issue

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Hey all, wondering if anyone else has had this problem in the past with their Relay G50/G90 transmitter:


My guitarist made the error of using his with a set of "cheaper" Chinese-made rechargeable batteries.  I'm not sure if it was a problem with overcharging, heat, etc., but they're now stuck in his transmitter.  The battery door still closes, and the transmitter still functions, but these batteries can not be removed.  Almost as if they've expanded in size to the point where they're stuck.  Has anyone developed a trick for dislodging batteries that have gotten stuck in these transmitters?


Hoping I don't have to send it off to Line 6 in order to get this issue solved.  I also don't want to attempt to disassemble the unit myself in order to remove them, as I'm sure the company wouldn't recommend that.  


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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I have had a similar issue. I have noticed that they are a bit tight when inserting them, but are much looser when removing immediately after use. I have been able to use pliers to grip the tip of one of the batteries and remove it. Other than that, you will have to open it up. It's not that hard, just remove the 4 small screws.


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Sorry, slightly related to this issue. I can't open the battery door anymore. NO batteries inside, I haven't used it in a while and now I slide the locking thing, and it won't open. I don't want to force too much as it might just snap and break. 


Help please!

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