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My mic bypasses POD Farm - need help

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This will seem to be a very newbie question but here it goes...


I am using my EV RE-20 mic with the UX2 device and POD Farm.  I want my mic signal to go through POD Farm then into Audition or a live broadcast software like OBS.  When I'm into Audition, my option for input is UX2, and then I receive a dry sound.  The POD Farm plugins and mixer is bypassed.  What do I need to do to have an input in Audition that is actually POD Farm?






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In PF's mixer view you can configure your sends. There are 4 channels available.

A common workflow I use for guitar is to send a L/R wet to one track and L/R dry to another and apply the plug-ins to the dry post processing with the wet serving as a reference for the tone I was going for.

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