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Dani California Sound – with Spider V 240hc and Variax JTV69

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First of: 

This may not be the right place to start a discussion about this, but ..

– everything found in Spider V cloud is a huge disappointment to me,

– Line6 Custom Tone (http://de.line6.com/customtone/) doesn't feature Spider V (because of the cloud I guess)

– and the Line6 Tone Templates are may be a good starting point, but stay too vague (for me at least) http://de.line6.com/tone-templates/

– The rest of the web is too confusing to me.


That's why I want to ask the Spider V community directly.


I am just getting into the sound-analysis-and-recreation-thingy and am really struggling to get the hang of it. In whatever I do, at some point the "Aaaha!" moment hits my forhead and I from then begin to control the matrix. But to get there it seems I need your help in this hobby.



My Variax JTV69 is on factory Spank 5 (Neck-Pickup is what he mostly uses? Mixed information aswell here)



as suggested here http://de.line6.com/data/6/0a06439c160a957be2b16ef3c6/application/pdf

I went with the Brit Plexi 200 here.

Problem #1: he uses two amp setups. (Hail Helix, babe!)

Problem #2: Tone equalizer isn't present in this PDF. What bass, mids and treble? Presence? Drive?


I googled and found the amp-eq here: https://m.bonedo.de/artikel/einzelansicht/sound-alike-2-john-frusciante.html

Bass 12'clock

Mids 2'a'clock

Treble 12

Presence 13


This sounds okay. But still faaar away from his sound.

The PDF mentions some effects from the Californication tour. Do they apply to Dani California as well? I don't know! :D

Even if; the settings are completely missing here.


That's what I got so far; 

I know that the setup is only 50% of what makes the sound, – but if I want a chance on getting the other 50% even half right, I need more on the other 50% to support me and tickle out the best of my hands.


What I now want from you guys:

1) (obviously) insight on what effects, knob positions, postEQ, you use for this song

2) maybe some resources or good starting points to get this AHA moment soon!


Please be gentle with me, partypeople :)

I'm learning and highly motivated to do it on my own next time!


Thank you very much,





PS: These are some huuuuge paragraph margins :D

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I think your on the right track. Although he has two amps, the majority of his sound is the marshall major (Brit plexi 200 watt head). The silver jubilee he uses is most likely just for his gain sounds. I've had best luck using the neck pickup for fruciante-like tones, but I think he uses the bridge or position 2 for some of his funk riff stuff.


On the recorded sounds, there's probably a bit of compression going on. Try the compressor with the ratio somewhere between 2:1 4:1(the one after the amp, probably not the stomp box compressor styles since he doesn't really have compressor boxes before his amp)


That EQ seems like a good place to start too. That will change with the player and guitar. I tend to use more mids and less treble and less presence, but that's just what sounds good to my ears.


Welcome to the perpetual world of tweaking and tone chasing. Don't worry about waiting for an specific AHA moment. They are sneaky little buggers and they keep on coming. Something along the lines of "The more you know, the more you need to learn"

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