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I was wondering if AMPLIFi TT supports Android DAW such as Audio Evolution Mobile Studio (or something similar) - with straight USB connection? What I'm looking to accomplish is:


* hook my Variax to TT

* hook my Android to TT

* headphones on

* record few tracks for backing (max 4-8 maybe)

* play/practise on top of that


Not really looking for full DAW features, more like advanced looper with L/R pan and select few FXs such as pitch down an octave (to do bass), etc.


Currently I do that with POD HD500X and Reaper with desktop computer, but getting this all done ("mobile") comfortably sitting/laying down on my couch while grabbing few cold ones sounds way more tempting...


Looking at the specs I suppose it might work, or?


TIA, yallu

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