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HD Pod500x 4CM Hum in FX


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So I just got a new amp that finally allows me to use the 4cm. I have a blackstar HT 60 which is an amazing amp and I am using my POD 500x to run fx pre and post. My problem becomes that I get a slight hum whenever I insert the FX block into the chain. This hum stays even when I take the fx block into bypass mode or off and the hum stays it does not leave until I have the FX block deleted from the chain. I am unsure if this is an amp issue or Pod. I believe it to be the POD as this only happens when the FX block is added and is in bypass or off mode. I can put a noise gate up to block most of it but when you play you can faintly hear the hum underneath etc. 


I have used the 3cm method as that is what the Line 6 people recommended because I do not use amp modeling and this did allow me to use the three built in channels on the amp but then from what I have learned and messed with is that I lose the ability to put compression etc in front of the pre amp of the ht 60. 


I did manage to get the hum softer by not having those cables from the amp fx send and return not run parallel and have now upgraded those cables to balanced to also combat the signal hum but the hum is still slight and annoying. I would like to be able to run the amp as quiet and clean as possible without having to worrying about having enough blocks for the FX block, Noise gate etc. That eats up two blocks when I would much rather have it run as one block. 


Does anyone else have this same problem or have any insight of something to try to help combat this?



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Yes I am talking about the fx loop. I have checked for a ground loop and interference which I found some signal interference but was able to fix that. I only have it happens when the fx loop is in the chain even in bypass mode / off. The hum only leaves when the fx loop is deleted.


The pod is on stomp. The mixer is at 0db and centered and right channel all the way down. I always put fx block after the mixer I also put a studio eq in front of the mixer.

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You could try the polarity switch but it is unlikely that will solve it. Probably just inverts it. You never know.

The HD is basically a specialized computer and I found it ultra sensitive to interference being picked by 

all my guitars. If you can minimize it by moving the guitar around then shielding the guitar is worth it. Also AMps are prone to pick up stray interference as well from the HD and vice versa. Experiment with moving them about in relation to each other and the guitar.

But getting back to pianoguys suggestion to check the cables first. Check each one into the amp as verifiable clean.

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I have checked that all my cables are good and I have tried moving things around and tried with several different guitars and I get the same results. I keep beating my head against the wall on this one and it becomes more frustrating every day. I know it will be something stupid in the end just looking for the end result.


I did learn the other day that when I switch the back from stomp to line that it did get softer and not as buzzy but it was still present. I also noticed that if I switched the top of the pod from line to amp that it also soften it a little more but it was minimal. 


Not sure if that might help someone tell me what might be another thing to try.

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