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Using the POD with IEM mix

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Where I play there are no ambient mics feeding room or stage sound to people's in-ear mixes.  Leaving one ear bud out isn't usually recommended as people tend to turn it up and risk hearing damage.  I've thought about upgrading my in-ear monitors to the type that have ambient ports or mics built-in.   Other than that I'd be looking and somehow adding my own small ambient mic to mix room sound with my in-ear mix.  Since the pod has so many inputs and outputs, I was wondering if it could play a roll in this.   


We have some small headphone distribution boxes on stage for each musician, which I presume have xlr input from the mixer to stage snake, along with some EQ controls and 1/4 inch jacks for headphone/IEM distribution.


I'm still trying to argue for room/ambient mics that would to go the mixer, and could be added to IEM mixes, but even if I win that argument, we wouldn't want to introduce delay which can happen with such mics and throw off  your timing.

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