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no sound when switching to manual operation Spider IV 75


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If I hit the manual button, I have nothing.  I turned all knobs, even volume and master volume to max and still nothing.  I thought "maybe I have to save to a preset", so I tried to do that. Still nothing.  Just silence when I select that preset.  What am I doing wrong?


Recap:  I have no sound when going to manual button or trying to save any settings while in manual setting.


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I am facing the same problem with a spider iv 30 w. My friend was playing and suddenly ... No sound... Nothing working... You can and move any knob and nothing happens...

According to some videos from YouTube maybe the problem is caused by a overheating of the processor of the amp, so you should use some pieces or fan etc to dissipate the heat.

But i am not sure about it when talking about the IV series...

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