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M9 Model Select Knob No Functioning.


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Well after 3 years of faithful service I just discovered that the Model Select knob on my M( does not function properly when it's pushed.

Either I have to push it numerous times or from specific angle to get it to change an FX type. Fortunately I have already had my patches in place but this looks like a problem that is only going to get worse.


Anyone here experienced a similar problem?

Anyone here know of a fix?


Yes, I opened a ticket with Line 6.

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pull off knob... put a small pinch of paper towel into the knob and reinstall... Problem is that the knob can't go down far enough before it bottoms out on sheet metal cover..need to raise the knob to achieve full length of travel on pot...



This should work... just bought 2 used units having this problem...... did the above.... everything now wonderful



Jim B

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